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Healing Through Reconnection

As an intuitive healer, my goal is to support your specific wellness goals. Together, we will come up with a personalized plan designed just for you.

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My Story

I want to take a moment to introduce myself and my work. I'm Ashleigh! Creator of Happy Healing Essentials and the face behind Ascending With Ashleigh.
I am a healer, specifically around mental health. I am a survivor and warrior of the mental health system in the US. I have my Master's Degree in Social Justice and Human Rights and centered my thesis work about mental illness and social control.
Having been through mental health crises, the court system, incarceration, forced treatment, pharmaceutical drugging, mistreatment while in mental institutions; upon release I was motivated to heal myself holistically and in my own agency and power while also elevating and supporting others with their healing.
This determination led me to study, learn, and try many holistic remedies and also integrating my whole being for my own survival. I also continue studying and observing the ways in which the mental health system is corrupt, gains power, and strips people of their own. I was able to go off pharmaceuticals completely and have adopted lifestyle changes that keep me balanced and healthy.
I founded and facilitated several radical mental health groups, in Los Angeles and have worked with a diverse group of people in our individual healing, as well as sharing a larger understanding of the system of mental health within a socioeconomic context. My work is rooted in revolutionary pedagogy and radical mental health that aims for alleviating individuality as a main source of crisis. I do trauma informed, custom care for each and every person I work with.
I am established to support and walk with others and offer healing through many different mediums. Each person has their own healing journey, and I pride myself on my path that led me to join others in their healing and lifestyle changes.
I have my own line of healing products for sale. I am available for workshops in group settings, have models to share for community groups or settings. As well as one to one healing.

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My Philosophy 

The work I do is holistic healing through reconnection to self, the collective, and our natural world.  My work is healing rooted in, and with a goal of our collective liberation.  
My philosophy is based in radical mental health. This is not mainstream mental health. I believe we all have gifts and abilities that power systems have categorized as mental illness, and my work is to reconnect you with your innate abilities while simultaneously supporting healing from abusive and dehumanizing systems of control.
I believe we are all able to heal ourselves. I believe we all have supernatural abilities, and many times these abilities are labeled as mental illness. I believe we all have a right to live a life free of being controlled, and I believe we can serve our collective liberation from systems of control by healing ourselves and being whole on our own; and then guiding and supporting the healing of others. 
I am equipped with a historical understanding of the mental health systems and understand how these systems interconnect with the prison industrial complex, the policing and military complex, Big Pharma, socio-economic systems of control and injustice, and the carceral ideology used to divide and keep division to serve the means of capital gain within our global society.  
My goal in working with folks to heal is to shed light on all these systems of oppression. Share how we are all aspects of different, interconnected systems of oppression, and encourage folks to take their power back by becoming self-reliant and self-aware.  We can learn how to heal ourselves and by doing this, starve the systems used to control and keep us bound.  We can truly serve our own freedom and collective liberation when we start to accept all of our pieces, especially those parts of us that have been deemed unworthy or dehumanized by systems of oppression.  
I do not believe you are crazy. I believe we exist in a world that is crazy and we all have our means for survival.  I believe we have been so numbed to our own experiences that we have a hard time relating and connecting to others – again serving as pawns in a system that thrives on division.  
I believe we may show undesired signs of coping within our survival mechanisms, and I believe these behaviors are labeled things like bipolar, schizophrenia, and psychosis.  I believe these behaviors and actions are actually our souls trying to warn us and break free from the self-imposed, culturally acceptable ways of being. 
You are unique. You are full of talent and dreams and ideas that the rest of humanity and our world can benefit from. You have been indoctrinated into a system that only values your production, and thus criminalizes your creative intuition.  My goal is to work alongside you, witness you, support your healing and growth, and expand this through out our human family.  
I believe we can all heal ourselves, and I am here to support your healing journey.  

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